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Remember when Nihil Obstat was driving everyone crazy?

Well - here's "A Day in the Life of N. Obstat..." from September 2002.

5:07am My dream about being the Editor of the Concord Monitor interrupted by the scratching of my 4 Siamese Cats.
5:09am I rise from bed to spoon heaping helpings of Fancy Feast out into individual cermanic food bowls.
5:17am Proceed to the laundry room to quickly remove cat elimination from the litter boxes.
5:56am Tolstoi, the youngest cat, is the last cat to arrive for his morning evacuation.
5:58am Litter boxes clean, I proceed to my study boot up my computer.
5:59am Morning Earl Grey tea is brewed extra strong.
6:10am I step out into the cool NH air and witness a neighbor allowing their dog to tramp through the yard
6:10:23am I yell "Get off my lawn!" at the neighbor while shaking a clentched fist
6:12am Proceed back to the computer to begin important work

The rest of the day is here.

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So, he's a crazy cat person, and he lives in the Central time zone. Did we ever find out who he was?

can't have a post about Nihil Obstat without at least one typo!

I think N. Obstat is a woman and NH is not Central Time Zone. I could be wrong.

Does Oprah come on at 4 everywhere in America?

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