Good quote, bad quote


It's convention season for the National Pastoral Musicians Association.

I guess when you get that many priests, liturgists and musicians together you'll get a few crazy statements... like:

"Liturgy is like a musical."

And some partly sensible ones:

What's "tasteful" in church is subjective, he said. "The underlying factor is: Is this causing prayer?"


Actually, the context of your so-called "sensible" quote was in defense of a piece of music that I personally ban from CATHOLIC Weddings. Is music in the liturgy actually a vehicle to express ourselves, or to give ourselves to the truth?

Hi, Father.

Point being: the "prayer" part was the good quote. The other part was an abomination, which is why I didn't include it in the "sensible" quotes.

Hope that's clear.

Glad you ban the Wagner wedding march.

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