Good morning, hubris!


Remember those canadian ladies who were "ordained" on the St. Lawrence Seaway last year? Well one wasn't Canadian.

``I've always seen my role as to stay within the church and to push the boundaries," Marchant said in an interview. ``But I really came to see in the archdiocese that the change was not going to come about because we women were doing a good and worthy job, but that something more dramatic and drastic had to happen. Until we really took a very strong step and defied this very unjust law -- the canon in canon law that restricts ordination to men -- nothing was going to change."
Sounds like a typical statement made by womanwhothinkspriestsshouldbewomentoobecauseshe'sheardthecall andgotsecretlyordainedontheSt.LawrenceSeaway, right?

Well this one came from the former director of healthcare ministry for the archdiocese of Boston.

Bonus #1: she's married to "a one-time Marist priest who left the priesthood for their relationship." To be fair, it's unclear whether the former priest just up and left, or went through the canonical process to leave the priesthood. Either way - it's clear this household would need to support married priests.

Bonus #2: article contains a photo of the "priestess" with a very self-satisfied look on her face.

Four words: more chancery housecleaning required.


Was she ordained by her Excellency Bishopette Martha Stewart?

And where is the voice of the Boston Shepherd regarding this lost lamb and her spouse? He seems to delegate his responsibility to others within his fold...others who spout the usual in banalities.

At the time Fr. Hindelang left the priestly ministry, I heard that he just left his parish in Cambridge without notice. But that's just rumor. More recently, Mr. Hindelang worked for Brigham Hospital and attended a 2006 national conference for Catholic chaplains.

I wonder whether his wife used her position supervising hospital chaplains to get him approval for a ministry role normally off-limits to ex-priests.

By the way, since the riverboat gamblers are going to have a service on the Monongahela tomorrow, I've composed a message to them. It should be delivered as a series of Burma-Shave signs on the river bank:

If they laid on hands /
In your cruising date /
Then now you're ex- /

--a word from the Diocese of Pittsburgh

Oh: one more bit.

I really came to see in the archdiocese that the change was not going to come about

Interesting: are doctrinal dissenters in the archdiocese of Boston getting that message?

It's a Good Thing.

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