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This from a Wisconsin paper: The times are a-changing for local Catholic parishes

I thought maybe the article would be about gregorian chant in Wisconsin parishes. Or maybe a communal burning of priestly vestments that have rainbows on them.

But it turns out there's going to lots of schedule changes at Parishes. Because there aren't enough priests. Because: priests can't get married and women can't be priests.

Some changes have already been felt, other changes are coming for parishes and parishioners within the Milwaukee Archdiocese, notes the Rev. Steven Amann, new pastor of St. Charles Borromeo Parish, Burlington.
Many of these changes are a response to the current shortage of priests, which Amann attributes to the church’s prohibitions on priestly marriage and ordination of women.
But neither of these issues is currently up for review or discussion within the church. “My guess is unless we make both of those changes, we’re going to continue to have a shortage,” Amann said.
Thanks for the soundbite, Reverend. I'm sure since your parish will be a bastion of orthodoxy since you are so strongly committed to important church teachings.

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