Scrappleface: "Democrats Vow to Fight On After Zarqawi Loss"


I love Scott Ott:

(2006-06-09) — As Blackberry devices and cell phones on Capitol Hill hummed with news of the death of terrorist leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi yesterday, Congressional Democrats vowed that despite the loss they would fight on in “the war on the war on terror.”
“Zarqawi will be missed because he put a human face on the futility of the illegal U.S. occupation of Iraq,” said one unnamed lawmaker, who assured a reporter that “Democrats are still optimistic. We’re still looking for the silver lining.”
Rep. John Murtha, D-PA, a former Marine and vocal critic of the military occupation of Iraq, immediately denounced “the Zarqawi massacre” and suggested that the F-16 pilot who dropped the bombs had snapped under pressure and murdered the al Qaeda leader “in cold blood.”

Ott also raises a cogent question: were Zarqawi's human rights violated? That is, did the F-16 pilots read him a Miranda warning before dumping a half-ton of explosives on his safe house? Did they have a warrant? Did they get their information about Zarqawi's whereabouts through an illegal, immoral, and unconstitutional wiretap by the NSA? Did the lying filthy neocon Jews engineer all of these violations of this poor guy's rights?

We need Senate hearings, right now.


It seems like the Democrat Party is trying to win the Big Trifecta. It is already the party of abortion on demand and gay marriage. Now more and more it is sounding like the pro-terrorist party of treason.

NPRs coverage was so sad that it was really disgusting. Even I have gotten so tired of their reporting that I'm not listening anymore.

It was almost as if they wanted to say..."the tragic and untimely dimise of our brother Mr. Zarqawi." They even went so far as to play a sad dirge-like cello piece for their musical interlude.


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