The Da Vinci anticlimax



Code misses mark for Cannes critics

Audience grew restless and tittered over some of the film’s melodrama

Update: For more delightful Schadenfreude, get over to Barb Nicolosi's blog.

When Tom Hanks' neck-length hairstyle became a matter of press comment, the sharks began to circle the movie. Apparently he adopted that somewhat old-fashioned academic image in order to fit his idea of a Harvard prof. Silly Tom: why didn't he just ask me or any other Harvard alumnus? Glasses are essential, hair should be on the short side, and for the classic look, a bow tie helps. If the character looks a little like a twit, that's just right. Or for that matter, look at some pictures of faculty.

Better luck next time!

(Hat tip to ol' pal JJG)



My predictions for Monday headlines

"MI:3 Cracks Da Vinci Code"
"The Da Vinci Snooze"
"Da Vinci Code Establishes New Hype to Actual Attendance Ratio of 5,000,000:1"

And a snipet from a review

My notes quickly turned from "Nice lighting effects in the Lourve scene" to "Milk, Wheat Bread, Pork Loin, Eggs, Cheddar Cheese"

The people who bought tickets in advance will provide a boost of bucks for the flick, but will they feel disappointed? We shall see.

Hanks was after the Ward Churchill look (cuz we all know what a dedicated academic he is).

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