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Please keep Sonya's grandmother in prayer. She is not expected to last through the night.

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Sonya and her grandmother, as well as the entire family - are in our prayers.

Will do, Pete

Please remember my intentions and my community in your prayers to Jesus and His Holy MOther.


Please pray for recovery to health of Ruthie O'B who just had two
episodes of her heart stopping. She is on a respirator and taken to ICU
Freeman West Hospital in Joplin, MO for further help in treating and
curing a huge infection and cancer.

Please specifically pray for reconciliation of mind, body, soul, and
heart, removal from excommunication and DAILY audible and visual spiritual warfare, and all evil binds according to God's will. Please forward on...

In Torment 1+years (seriously),
Shawn R. Smith

Thank you...

Prayers on the way!

I, Ferdinand, m.i. may start a brand new life and practice my education and training in the service of humanity and above all for the interest of the Sorrowful & Immaculate Heart of Mary and the cause of the kingdom of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. I may translate my potentials, talents and skills to a better financial ascendancy and thriving economic condition to enable me to support some charities and for my plan to have a big Catholic family of my own. In that regard I lift my love life, let me find a girl who will love me and bring out the better and the best in me as well I may bring out the best in her. May this woman of my life be after the heart of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary. I may likewise a man after the example of St.Joseph. I lift my Love Token Prayer Intentions, all those my present concerns, anxieties and need yet help me to resign always to God's will. I may devoutly offer some prayers for the poor souls in purgatory and totally dedicate them my heroic offering which I already entrust to the hands of Our Lady. May my life be a token of compassion to the Face of our Lord Jesus Christ and bear nobly my cross all the days of my life, in my hope to have a holy, happy and inspiring death and secure my salvation in loving embrace of the Divine Mercy. Amen. mabuhay at salamat sa Panginoon! ! !

please pray for my son bob and daughter chris and my grandchildren

There once was a maid who lived in a garden. Strange young man passed her by. He said "Maid will you marry me?" This then sir was her reply. "Oh no kind sir I cannot marry thee. I have a love who sails on the sea and though he's been gone these seven years, still no man shall marry me." "What if he's in some battle slain, or he has been drowned in the deep salt sea? What if he's found another love and he and his love both married be?" Well if he's in some battle slain, then I will lie when the moon doth wain and if he's been drowned in the deep salt sea then I'll be true to his memory." "And if he's found another love and he and his love both married be then I wish them health and happiness where they dwell across the sea" He picked her up all in his arms and kisses gave her one two three saying "Weep no more my own true love, I am your long lost John Riley." (Chris King's site, New Zealand) What else? What other stories or mysteries to solve? How to tell, explain? Universal prayers to end issues of - poverty, crisis (forces or roots behind, underling - evil)(war)(crime)(fuel - alternative energy)(governments)(corporations)(managements)(authorities or people within powers)(systems), all problems (conflicts)(environmental)(physical-cancer)(abortion)(cloning)(euthanasia)(information)(money-developing economies)(prosperity gap), the sum of all prayer request, etc. Applied effective solutions, cures, inovations, remedies, answers, knowledge, etc. by means of massive (united) prayers. Bearing most immense beautiful experiences for all forms and states of life. Sow what flowers bliss, blessings, oneness, for love, for everything good. The way things should be, ought to be, will be. Through works of our unified prayers. The complete end to all sufferings.

Please pray for my choir directors who have discouraged so many people from singing. There is a spirit of control and competitions. They keep singers contesting against each other. You cannot be trust them. They make fun of choir members in a negative way and spread rumors. It is a struggle at time to sit through rehearsal. Two former experience directors have left the church because of these people.

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