Local news: what's going on at Channel 7 in Boston?


Lately it seems the news team at WHDH-TV is on some weird new-age kick.

This week they did a story about a neo-pagan ceremony a guy held in his house in Salem (it figures) in order to get rid of the bad vibes there.

Monday they're running a story about so-called "Indigo Children" -- supposedly psychic kids who heal people.

Now, the movie about this idea was apparently produced by members of an esoteric sect . The sect's website offers a course on how to bend spoons with your mind. Very interesting, but it doesn't give me confidence that this deserves to be treated seriously as news.

Curiously enough, the group's leader seems to have taken his inspiration from a visit to Medjugorje!


These "Indigo Children" are the flavor of the week - the local Fox affiliate is running the same sort of thing in Phoenix. TV news directors must all be on the same email blast or something.

On a local broadcasting mailing list, an engineer commented that when TV news runs stories about paranormal activities, it's a desperate bid for ratings.

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