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'Da Vinci Code' Author Accused of Copyright Breach

I guess he'll have to spend some of his Da Vinci Dollars on lawyers...


The first thing that popped into my mind when I heard about "Da Vinci Code" is: sounds like the bunk in "Holy Blood, Holy Grail", which I read a few years ago.

Actually, I hope this story gets lots of publicity. I heard it was brewing a few months ago.

I have to share...

On my public transit bus ride to the office this morning, I noticed that a teenage girl (14 or so)boarded the bus with the DaVinci Code tucked under her arm. I've noticed the girl before. She often has her father and brother with her. Both the girl and her brother wear Catholic school uniforms. It is obvious that the family is of Middle Eastern decent. I presume they are Chaldean Catholics.

My initial reaction to seeing the book under her arm was... I guess the movie hype is prompting more book sales. My second thought was... O no! Here is an impressionable teenager, in the midst of the most important years of her Catholic formation, reading a fictional tale that will insidiously distort her view of Our Lord. My third thought... a fatwa was thrown at Salman Rushdie's life for The Satanic Verses; the book was even band in India! But we in the West, we give The DaVinci Code to our Catholic children to read!

We must trust that truth will prevail, but hey, let's not frustrate its attempt!

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