Here comes Lent!


Happy Mardi Gras, and a blessed Ash Wednesday to all. (Well, at least for the Latin Church!) Enjoy your last treats of whatever food you're giving up, and....

OK, folks: pick your penances!

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I'm giving up computer games (Mostly Age of Empires III these days.) Teresa is giving up television at night.

sugar - any added sugar in anything (tea, cereal, etc). and trying to limit those items that are made with more than a pinch of sugar. Pray that my penance doesn't become a penance for my husband!

We try to do something for all of the penitential practices:

Prayer: A decade of the rosary every night, in addition to the normal prayers. (Not terribly ambitious, but the kids involved are ages 3, 5, and 6.)

Fasting: No desserts of any kind, with exceptions for Sundays and birthdays, especially daddy's, which is in 14 days.

Almsgiving: Figuring out ways to donate money regularly to the poor.

I'm doing a Ramadan-style fast.

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