Denmark Muslims used phony cartoons to generate outrage

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Anti-Western Muslims in Denmark went out of their way to foment outrage about the Mohammed cartoons published last year, distributing not just the twelve original cartoons by professional cartoonists, but three more particularly gross images not related to the newspaper caricatures.

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While the media is all atwitter over (maybe justfiable) Moslem anger at political cartoons and the resulting demonstrations--the self-absorbed, narcissistic media is virtually ignoring the slaughter of a priest saying Mass in Turkey by a Moslem screaming "God Is Good" and in the Phillipines 6 Christians were just butchered by Moslems. In the meantime the hypocrital and pathetic publication known as the Boston Globe ran an editorial saying that out of respect for religion they would not run the cartoons of Mohammed so their readers can see what the furor is about and if warranted. This is the same media rag that ran some totally vicious, anti-Catholi-anti-Christian cartoons against Catholics and Evangelical Protestants over the past few years.

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