Are they idiots in Turin?


It was bad enough when the pro-abortion celebrity Susan Sarandon was appointed to carry the Olympic flag in along with several other women activists from various countries. Then Peter Gabriel sang John Lennon's atheist anthem, "Imagine". What kind of appeal to peace is this, that suggests the world would be better off without God our Father who makes us brothers?

Have Europeans already forgotten that we just got through a century in which militant atheists (Mao, Stalin) and pagans (Hitler) staged the worst crimes in the history of man?



Hey Man!

You are right on. I am glad there is still someone out there in Europe who is standing for the values of faith and right and wrong.

Your fellow comrade in America,

It could have been worse, they could have had Yoko sing ... ewwwwwwww.

Europeans have forgotten??? Go on some American liberal or left-wing websites and you will read all sorts of complaints right out of the Middle Ages-- 500-1000 year old canards about religion. The people that are always accusing the Church of being medieval seem to have amnesia over the hundreds of million slaughtered by left-wing secularist inhuman ideologies of the 20th Century-a record religion comes nowhere near. So who has their heads stuck in the Middle Ages??? Not religion. Not Christianity. Not the Church. But left-wing, "liberal", and secularist ideologues grinding their axes against religious failings of the long dead past. Better to hide modern secularist horrors.

I'm glad to know someone else thinks that Lennon song is an atheist anthem. The American commentator William F Buckley wrote a great piece denouncing it a number of years ago. I heard it played onstage once at a Catholic high school concert.

The smart Europeans got on boats about 100 years ago and left for the New World.

A case could certainly be made that the majority of the industrious, ambitious, courageous and risk-taking Europeans got on boats about 100 years ago and left for the New World.

That might explain the actions on the part of the ones that were left after the mass emigrations.

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