St. Lawrence statue comes home


Last year, I was trying to find a statue of St. Lawrence for our kitchen. One of our readers in Switzerland (maybe our only reader in Switzerland?) found one, and was kind enough to send it back to the States via a priest-friend of his.

After months of logistics, the statue (which was described here) finally made it to the Johnson home. I had intended to put it into a niche, which I built by hand after designing it around St. Lawrence's dimensions. Unfortunately, there was something blocking the space where I intended to put the statue, so I ended up building a shelf for him. You can see the result here:



Many thanks to our kind reader, and may God bless you in abundance.

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To finish--the roll of the diaconate in the life of St. Francis of Assisi, who was a deacon.

Somehow my first comment got fouled up. I typed that it is good to see publicity about a famous deacon now that the order of deacons has been revivified and is not just transitional. Hopefully more attention will be paid to the only Doctor of the Church who was a deacon:::St. Ephrem the Syrian. That we sing hymns in Church is sometimes attributed to him.

Your blog is great! The statue is terrific.

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