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Hardly a resounding condemnation of the Venezualean Cardinal's remarks I posted recently.

The Nuncio does have a point that "no religious act should be turned into a political one." Yet, isn't that the same retort that "Catholics" who are pro-choice throw at priests who are strong enough to preach about the evils of abortion and that Catholics should remember that when they vote?

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no religious act should be turned into a political one.

I am not sure I can agree 100%. Under normal circumstances, maybe. And religious acts should not actively seek political confrontation for the sake of confrontation. But at the same time, religious acts have to have some political ramifications because they both (religion and politics) occupy the same world. They cannot be, nor should they necessarily always be, cordoned off from each other. I view it much like martyrdom - do not actively seek it; but accept it if it comes.

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