AP: OBL a "dissident"


To pick up on John's point below about muddle-headedness that favors the enemies of our country, here's an example of AP's thinking in a photo caption:

Exiled Saudi dissident Osama bin Laden is seen in this April 1998 file photo in Afghanistan....

"Dissident"? Y'know, I don't think the attacks on the US Embassy in Kenya, the USS Cole, the Khobar Towers, the WTC (in 1993 and 2001), and the Pentagon are really summed up by the word "dissident". (And throw in the various attempts to kill Middle- and Near East heads of state, anti-Taliban Afghan leaders, and Iraqi democrats.)

Perhaps AP will start to describe Eric Rudolph, Ted Kaczynski, and the guy who was sending out those anthrax-express letters as "dissidents" too.


No, Rudolph, Kaczynski and their ilk are "American terroists." Don't you get it. Blame American first, silly.

The AP is to journalism as to what fast-food is to a healthy diet.

Great blog! Keep it up.

Josh, the Catholic Knight blog

Hey, what is your best way to promote Catholic views in American politics? Let’s have some fun with this one! Post yours here…The Catholic Knight: Catholics in American Politics

When you write "Not catholic lite", you are right, you aren't catholic! Catholics recognize the Pope as their "chief", and endorse his views (the Pope cannot be untrue), you don't, so don't call you catholic, it's usurpation.
Since my comment was removed:
US Iraq war illegal => US soldiers in Iraq illegal combatants (and accessory cowards, but that's another issue).
But don't call you catholic, it's misleading, it'a a lie !

[RC replies:]
Hi, guy.

Some other CL writer may have deleted a comment by you, but that's not me. Please direct your complaints to the proper party. However, if you want to come across as somebody who wants to engage in dialogue, try posting with a real e-mail address.

I should clarify papal infallibility a little for you. It applies when a Pope makes a formal declaration of doctrine. It doesn't apply to his diplomatic statements. They aren't intended to be binding in that way. The Catechism confirms this when it quotes this teaching from the Second Vatican Council about "a definitive act":

"The Roman Pontiff... enjoys this infallibility... when... he proclaims by a definitive act a doctrine pertaining to faith or morals."

Hope this helps!

Ok, RC, it's fair!But with the spying in the US I won't put my e-mail address (I'm abroad, and despite I'm not a terrorist, I don't want you to be annoyed or "databased" because of me).

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