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Cough up the truth or choke on the pope

The French have saying that whoever eats of the pope will choke on him. This saying comes to mind as I survey those questioning the canonization process of Pope John Paul II in light of recent revelations about Fr. Maciel’s “double life.” The secular press and certain anti-papist strains within protestant fundamentalism aren’t the only ones questioning the appropriateness of John Paul II’s potential canonization. Adding their voice to the chorus this week are CrunchyCon’s Rod Dreher and Renew America and Liberal Traditionalist blogmeister Eric Giunta.


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Sunday Legion roundup

I’m off to the in-laws for supper, but there’s lots of good discussion on the Legion of Christ (LC) and Regnum Christi (RC) on other blogs:
1 – Life After RC has posted LC communication director Jim Fair’s statement on recent revelations from Spanish-language new sources. You can read the statement here. Some commentators have asked whether the LC have a communication strategy. Sadly, in reading this statement it appears that the Legion has adopted the Clinton strategy during the Monica Lewinsky scandal (minus the heartbreaking


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What? Who?

On life and living in communion with the Catholic Church.

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