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The Legion and Charism – another response to Ed Peters

Ed Peters has put together another response to the Legionaries of Christ / Regnum Christi (LC/RC) crisis, which is well worth reading. You can check it out here. Since I’m likely to be asked for a response, here’s a line-by-line:

I think that Fr. Alvaro Corcuera’s apparent claim that he knows nothing about Maciel’s behavior, except that Maciel sired a daughter, is utterly unbelievable. I have nothing else to say about this kind of stone-walling. I will simply re-endorse Dr. Germain Grisez’s and Mr. George


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What to do about the Legion?

It’s a steel cage canon-law death match! It’s Vere versus the Peters team! Well, maybe not.
Since a new set of Maciel revelations emerged this week, several thoughtful proposals have appeared on how the priests of the Legion of Christ can purify their community and recover.
Canon law professor Ed Peters calls for an investigation, an “apostolic visitation” — imposed by Rome if the Legion doesn’t ask for it — and suggests that the community could dissolve itself and make a new founding.


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What? Who?

On life and living in communion with the Catholic Church.

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