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How schism becomes an option

A friend of mine belongs to a ecclesiastical movement going through a rough patch at the moment. Like many laity affiliated with this movement, he is troubled by the information that has come to light about the founder’s secret life, how it may have affected the movement’s methodology and practices, and the response of the movement’s superiors thus far. Mostly, though, he is horrified for the victims of the founder. (Okay, I’m sure most of you can guess which movement he belongs to.)
While expressing his disappointment


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Apology to Dr. Edward Peters

I’ve removed my earlier post ‘Canon Law, Ed Peters and me’.
There were a number of problems which, when brought to my attention, I agree were problematical on my part, and I apologize to Dr. Peters:
– I don’t know what previous experiences Dr. Peters has had with the LC/RC, therefore I have no business speculating on whether he was surprised by revelations about Fr. Maciel.
– It referred to a private conversation that I initiated. This was unprofessional on my part, and I offer


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The Legion and Charism – another response to Ed Peters

Ed Peters has put together another response to the Legionaries of Christ / Regnum Christi (LC/RC) crisis, which is well worth reading. You can check it out here. Since I’m likely to be asked for a response, here’s a line-by-line:

I think that Fr. Alvaro Corcuera’s apparent claim that he knows nothing about Maciel’s behavior, except that Maciel sired a daughter, is utterly unbelievable. I have nothing else to say about this kind of stone-walling. I will simply re-endorse Dr. Germain Grisez’s and Mr. George


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What? Who?

On life and living in communion with the Catholic Church.

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