Toward a revival of the sung Mass

Fr. Mark Kirby, writer of the Vultus Christi blog, is in Italy for a few weeks, where is to present a talk at the Adoratio conference in Rome. He has some observations on the state of the liturgy in Italy: with priest celebrants omitting the daily Proper texts of the Mass and neglecting to sing, the celebration of the Mass is often impoverished there as much as it is here in the US.
Reflecting on the great letter on sacred music Tra le sollecitudini by Pope


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A knowledgeable speaker on private revelations

Back in October, I mentioned writer and youth minister Kevin Symonds when we worked together on translating a Church document on the subject of private revelation. He’s been continuing his study on that same subject since then, and has put together an informative presentation for parishes and Catholic groups. It would make a good addition to an adult ed program or lecture series, so why not check him out? Over at the same page, you can find out about his CD version of the same program.


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What? Who?

On life and living in communion with the Catholic Church.

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