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If you have to buy one, it doesn’t count

Some dealer’s offering a pallium for sale on eBay. I hope he’s not selling one that’s been blessed already: wouldn’t that be simony?
Who’ll want it, anyway? The riverboat episcopettes?


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Consider the sparrows, and the Astros, too

You know, baseball can bring some spiritual benefits! Here’s the story as Fr. Bryce Sibley tells it:

Last week I was on retreat in Alhambra (CA) at the retreat house belonging to the Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. Before I left I asked some of the sisters to pray that I could get tickets to the World Series…


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The Bone Church at Sedlec

Once upon a time in the Middle Ages (in 1278), a Cistercian abbot in what is now the Czech Republic brought home some earth from the Holy Land, and he scattered it on the local cemetery. This gave it the status of very holy ground, and made it an especially desired place to leave one’s mortal remains. In the next forty years, over 30,000 of the faithful were buried on that sacred site.


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What? Who?

On life and living in communion with the Catholic Church.

Richard Chonak
Eric Johnson
John Schultz

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