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A song of imprecation

This morning robbers broke into cars in the parking lot of the Cathedral in Boston, while a diaconal ordination was going on. The perpetrators smashed windows and ransacked the vehicles, stealing what they could, and even took the time to open people’s trunks to look for goods. Since at least two of my friends were victimized this way, I imagine the criminals hit several cars — and in broad daylight.

Well, I offer the following hymn to encapsulate the prayers of the faithful on the occasion. You


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Stop the spam, Fr. Pavone.

Yes. Fr. Frank Pavone is a spammer. And, believe me, as an internet user, that is a serious accusation.

It puts him among the banes of internet life, pumping out unwanted e-mail into mailboxes of people who never requested it. Pumping it into e-mail addresses that couldn’t have requested it, because they send no outgoing e-mail. His organization sends its messages out into people’s e-mail boxes, interfering with their work, taking up their time, and annoying them.

I will not donate one penny to your organization Priests


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Getting around to it

Oh, my gosh: this parish a little west of Salt Lake City got vandalized for the fourth time in two years:
(Photo by the diocese, via CNS)

But don’t worry: they’re springing into action:

“We have replaced windows and put bars on them, replaced doors, installed motion lights, and we have talked about an alarm system,” said Melanie Dern, parish finance director. “This time it has probably


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Have they discovered Google yet at the Vatican?

I got an e-mail today from, that helpful web site that tracks the appointments, transfers, and retirements of bishops, using the announcements from the Holy See as their data source.
The news is that a coadjutor bishop has been appointed for the see of San Diego. That should be good news.
But when I looked up the name of the new bishop with a web search, this article appeared near the top of the listing:
“Cirilo Flores Rarely Pursued Discipline of Molesting Priests


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The Corapi case: the other shoe drops

He seems to be a black sheep, after all.

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What? Who?

On life and living in communion with the Catholic Church.

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