The “Youcat” snafu is the latest in a series of Vatican communications screw-ups, but the response of papal spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi is hard to understand.
In talking about doctrinal errors introduced when the youth catechism was translated from German to Italian, he said, “As you can see, the German language isn’t so easy for everyone.”
If the newspapers have it right, that’s a strange statement for him to make, really. Are we supposed to believe that there isn’t enough language competency left in the Vatican’s staff to find a capable translator? Is there not enough common sense left to require that the book be reviewed for content prior to publication? Is there not enough doctrinal probity left to ensure that the censor librorum would catch the doctrinal errors introduced into the text by the translator?
So Fr. Lombardi’s remark is an admission of gross incompetence on the part of at least one and probably several people.
And to make excuses about not knowing German well when the current Pope is a German is ridiculous. It’s not nearly as tough as, say, Polish.