There’s a reason the early Christians shared their personal testimony of how they encountered Christ. For most of us, a good story captures the imagination much more readily than dry theological treatises. Which is why I’m happy to see so many former LC/RC/3gf emerging in the blogosphere to share their personal stories of leaving Maciel’s movement. One never knows when the Holy Spirit will use your story to help others in a similar situation. By sharing the truth of your experience with the movement, Christ is setting you and others free.

To start, a friend of mine – former 3gf – emailed me the other day. She had gone to confession to a diocesan priest. What surprised her was how well the priest heard her confession. “These are the true heroes of the priesthood,” she stated. “Rather than become celebrities, they have given their lives anonymously to care for Christ’s faithful.” And thus a former 3gf discovered the extraordinary grace of ordinary Catholicism.
Which is also a point raised by shalimamma, a former RC member whose exit from the movement is partially due to to the splendor of ordinary Catholicism in a good Catholic parish. To read shalimamma’s story, please click here for part 1 and here for part 2.
Catholic Mommy is another blogger with a wonderful story of her and her family encountered Christ after leaving LC/RC. Like St. Francis of Assisi, she now seeks Christ in the ordinary events of life. You can read her testimony by clicking here.
I read somewhere that “Do not be afraid” is Our Lord’s most repeated commandment in Holy Scripture. Do not be afraid to share your testimony of how God freed you from Maciel’s methodology.