Spero News has just posted a report, which begins as follows:

Responding to allegations made in an interview published yesterday (April 12) by the Spanish newspaper, El Mundo, the regional director of the Legionaries of Christ in Spain, Father María Jesús Delgado, has sent a letter to the paper’s editor, calling for a correction to be published. The interview, which was printed in a supplement entitled, “Chronicle of the Legionaries of Christ,” was incorrect in more than one respect, claims the Legionary.

To read the full report, please click here. (Hat tip Monk) I’m kinda surprised that a LC superior would reportedly raise the specter of lawsuits at a time when the secular media is in a feeding frenzy over clerical sexual misconduct. This simply widens the opportunities for the media to investigate and report the Legion’s sex scandals. However, if the record needs to be corrected, may truth prevail.