UPDATE: A reader points out that I missed the obvious: In trying to minimize Maciel’s relationship to the Legion, Monk argues that Maciel accuser Juan Vaca was the true founder of the Legion (at least in Spain).
Red Cardigan vs. Monk’s sacred cowl: It’s pure fashion!
Erin Manning (aka the blogger Red Cardigan at And Sometimes Tea) has a knack for applying common sense to LC/RC sacred cows, which is why I always appreciate the clarity she brings to this debate. Thus I was not surprised when she smothered Monk’s latest cow (or is it ‘cowl’ given that Monk’s wrapping himself in it?), namely, that members of Maciel’s movement were attracted to Christ and not to Maciel.
To which Erin replies:

Monk, did you, or did you not, use a prayerbook composed of Maciel’s prayers?
Did you (collectively) receive his letters and have them read to you?
Did you celebrate his birthday and his mother’s birthday as major feasts?

There are many additional questions Erin asks of Monk, which you can read in the comments’ section of this post. At the same time, Erin is also providing another LC-supportive critic with some common sense answers. The fact she ably defends the truth despite being outnumbered is testament to the grace of the Holy Spirit in her life.