It is one of the most fundamental principles of sacramental theology and Christian ministry. One cannot give what one has not received. Thus one must first receive what one wishes to give. In practical application, this is why the priest, at Mass, first consecrates and then consumes the Eucharist. Then he invites the ministers of Communion to receive before inviting the rest of the congregation. Likewise, in the Church, a religious community receives its charism from the founder or the Church, before passing it along to the faithful ministered to by the community.
With this in mind, and knowing what we now know about Maciel, I invite each LC and RC to ask himself the following questions:
– What has the Church received from Maciel?
– What have the LC and RC received from Maciel?
– What have you personally received from Maciel through LC and RC?
– What have your family and friends received from you as a member of LC or RC?