Developing over at Erin’s blog:
Monk wrote: “Recently, I quoted John Paul 11 as saying: ‘you resemble the company you keep.’ […] RC seems new to these environs – and has managed to raise more than a few hackles. However, the substance of his remarks is bang on. He is well worth listening to – especially now before he ends up resembling the company he keeps!”
Red Cardigan wrote: “RC, you keep missing the forest for the trees. I’m not sure, given what you wrote about the ‘Gaia-worship’ example, that you even understand what an analogy is. I’m also not sure if you aren’t just a really annoying troll–you’re beginning to seem like one.”
Troll, formerly known as RC said: “Trolls ask inconvenient questions and point out flaws in thinking, especially those of analogies that don’t work.”
Lauretta said: “Would you like to tell Aaron Loughery from Ireland that there is no proof of Legion sex abuse? He is the one the stated that he was sexually abused, the man who abused him was sexually abused by a Legion priest, that man was abused by a Legion priest, who was in turn abused by a Legion priest who was abused by Maciel.” [To read Aaron’s allegations, click here and here].
TROLL said:

Aaron Loughery is a coward.
If he had any integrity, he would press charges, and let whoever was accused mount a defense in a proper court of law that would determine his guilt or innocence beyond a reasonable doubt.
Instead, he mounts a whispering campaign, and you gossipers willingly participate. Where is that angel with the flaming coal to purify all your mouths?