As I was taking out the trash this morning, I was struck by reader Patrice Becker’s observation in the combox yesterday: “The ‘unique methodology’ supposedly developed by Father Maciel was almost an carbon copy of the Latter Days Saints community methodology. Having lived amongst Mormons for over nine years, I recommend every RC member read Judy Robinson’s book Out of Mormonism to discover Fr. Maciel’s methodology is not unique at all.”
Okay, I don’t know Patrice personally, so I cannot vouch for the reader’s alleged experiences with Legion priests or Mormon bishops. However, I have read Robinson’s Out of Mormonism in addition to Andrea Moore-Emmett’s God’s Brothel. I definitely see some striking similarities in methodology between Maciel and Mormonism. From the focus on programming and recruitment, to the sometimes blurry lines between church and business, to the way the head of the Mormon structure is practically worshiped. This is making sense. Way too much sense. Thanks Patrice.