I’ve been called away for the weekend and won’t have regular Internet access. However, as Giselle and I have been saying for the last few months, we’re getting a little long in the tooth. So we’re quite happy to see newer, fresher blog voices arise to help Catholics make sense of the Legion of Christ/ Regnum Christi crises. Among some of these voices who have posted good commentary over the past few days:
– Deirdre Mundy (aka Mouse at American Papist), a devoted Catholic mother, launches an appeal To the Mothers of Regnum Christi.
– Tea-drinker Erin Manning (aka Red Cardigan), a devoted Catholic mom herself, asks whether one in good conscience should support LC/RC-sponsored apostolates directed toward families (click here).
– Nat at May Contain Gnats has systematized several Changobeer posts from over the years to show that LC/RC methodology (what is known in more traditional religious orders as the charism) is intrinsically linked to the person of Maciel (click here).
– And the plot sickens over at ExLC blog, where Landon Cody (okay, he’s not new) has posted a group photo of Maciel, the two Normas, and some 3gf (click here). Anyone else notice that the younger Norma’s dress, while lovely, does not appear to meet the Pure Fashion modesty guidelines?
– Sam, a non-RC husband who feels abandoned by his RC wife, has posted a brilliant piece of sarcasm (At least I hope it’s sarcasm! Please pray for Sam and other spouses in his situation.)
– Meanwhile, my fellow Canuck Bonum, Verum, Pulchrum (who I’m hoping to catch up with for a beer this weekend) has been distracted from the LC/RC-related blogging by Ann Coulter’s riotous (literally!) speaking tour in Canada. Check out his blog for the video of Ann on the Michael Coren show.