Bishop Richard Lennon of Cleveland has issued a letter and decree about some false mystical messages promoted in the Cleveland area, declaring the alleged messages “not supernatural in origin”, and forbidding the faithful to gather at the “Holy Love Ministries” site for any religious purpose.
Link: Diocesan website. Also, a 1999 caution from the diocese on the matter. [Sorry, the link is broken now.]
(Hat tip To Wendy Cukierski for the news.)
UPDATE (8 pm): For those who (like me) don’t know much of the history of this affair, here’s a summary of the story from an unusual web site: it presents “reviews” of apparition web sites. [NB: I don’t agree with some of the anonymous author’s opinions about other subjects, but on apparitions, he’s doing some good work.]
The story of Mrs. Sweeney Kyle takes a weird turn when she dumps her husband ’cause he doesn’t believe in her apparitions: hm!
UPDATE II (22 November): The “caution” statement linked above makes an interesting point: the group told diocesan officials that it was an ecumenical group and not subject to the authority of the Catholic Church. That, whether the group realized it or not, was a declaration of schism. Schism consists of the refusal of submission to the local ordinary or to the Pope. They qualified!