I’ve been accused of going easy on Fr. Tom Euteneuer because he happens to have been a Marine. I have great respect for the U.S. military and especially for Marines. But just for the record, I don’t believe they’re above criticism. Especially when criticism is warranted. For example, in watching videos coming from soldiers in the Middle East, it’s painfully obvious that U.S. Marines can’t dance. My blogmate Eric Johnson may disagree – and he’s invited to make his case – but here’s what happens when U.S. Marines on operation attempt to dance:

I’ll concede it a strong effort on the part of our U.S. allies. However, it’s clear to any unbiased observer that British squaddies set the dance standard in the Middle East. Just check out this video:

All joking aside, our soldiers rely on each other in the field, where it counts. May Our Lord, through the intercession of St. Michael and St. Barbara, keep safe all allied troops on operation.