Human Life International’s Fr. Thomas Euteneuer is a prophet. I was re-reading his response to Fox News’ Fr. Jonathan Edwards, LC over L’Affair Hannity a couple of years ago. In retrospect, this line from Fr. Euteneuer’s response really stands out:

The church sex abuse scandal was not just about homosexual and predatory priests. It was about clerical negligence and silence on issues that not only affect people’s souls but also ruin people’s lives. It is highly unusual that you or anyone else would want a priest to be silent on issues that affect the salvation of souls.

Wow! Did Fr. Euteneuer realize at the time what he was saying? Or was it entirely the Holy Spirit speaking truth through him?
Just as troubling is a second point Fr. Euteneuer’s raises in his response, albeit couched in his polemical use of the term “politically-correct sissies”. The point is that Fr. Jonathan was no ordinary Legionary priest at the time. Besides being a Fox News analyst, Fr. Jonathan was rector of the Legion’s seminary in Rome, if I recall correctly. This means that Fr. Jonathan’s mindset was instrumental in forming Legion priests from all over the world.
In retrospect, this may help explain why the Legion has for the most part been silent concerning Fr. Maciel’s alleged molestation of former seminarians.