UPDATE: RC Is Not My Life has now posted English summaries of part 3 and part 4 of the CNN Spanish-language interview with the lawyer representing Fr. Maciel’s children.
Initial Post
ExLC has posted the youtube (in Spanish) here, with an English summary of key points here.
RC Is Not My Life is also providing a more detailed English summary of the interview here. Apparently Fr. Maciel concealed his true identity from his mistresses and children until 1997, when he became the center of media attention:

Q: At what point do the kids know who MM really was?
Jose, who was the one closest to MM. In June or July 1997, he gets a phone call from his father saying someone was coming to give him some money. He was to then take a cab and go and buy all the newspapers he could. This was the first time MM made it onto the cover of newspapers (probably included were all the allegations of abuse that were swirling in 1997, but they don’t say that). It was at this moment that Jose discovered MM’s double life. He didn’t tell his mother or brothers b/c he didn’t know how they would handle it. He keeps it a secret. Some people came later and took all the newspapers/magazines (he doesn’t say who).

Click here to keep reading part 1, and here to read part 2. (And check back with RC Is Not My Life later today for summaries of parts 3 and 4).