Long-time Catholic Light readers know Gordon Zaft for the great guy that he is, so this entry is not addressed to you except to apologize for the sudden invasion of Maciel-related posts. I share your concern. Rich can attest that we discussed it about a week ago via IM. Our intention is to return to normal as soon as possible.
The reason Catholic Light has taken this temporary detour is as follows: it’s become one of several sources of information for folks on the inside who are trying to make sense of this scandal and discern the right way forward. Not only rank-and-file members of RC, but LC priests, seminarians and RC families who paycheck is tied to the movement. So we’ve joined several other blogs in attempting to reach out to them.
To our new readers, welcome aboard Catholic Light! We’re happy to have you, even though the difficult circumstances led to your visit. Here’s some background to make your stay more enjoyable one:
– Catholic Light (CL) was the first blog in the St. Blog’s domain. It was one of the first Catholic blogs on the internet, and it generally covers a wide variety of topics of interest to Catholics.
– CL is a group blog overseen by Richard Chonak, who also oversees the St. Blog’s domain. Although I’m a member of the CL team and Richard seldom intervenes in what individual team members blog, it’s because of his generosity that I blog here.
– Richard has been using his full name in recent LC-related threads. But he is generally known around St. Blog’s by his initials “RC”. So if you see references to RC or this being owned by RC, please don’t panic.
– I don’t want to make a mountain out of a molehill, but with passions high among many recently involved with LC/RC, I need to point out that Gordon Zaft is was one of the blog’s first readers and he’s simply expressing the concern of several long-time readers. He’s also a great guy in real life, as I discovered when he entertained my wife and me over tequila and ribs the time we met face-to-face in Tucson.
So my apologies to our long-time readers and our new readers for not clarifying all this sooner. And Gordon, we’d be happy to return the favor the next time you’re in the Michigan Upper Peninsula.