poster on light pole: are you ready for the rapture? Oct. 28, 1992
There was a lecture at my parish today, with a Q&A following. As often happens at public events, the first “questioner” was a nut who didn’t ask a question, but took the opportunity to inform the audience about something (very pressing, of course).
In this case, he let us all know that the “Bible Code” was predicting a nuclear attack on Jerusalem Thursday. The speaker let it all pass with a quick “no comment”, and moved on to the real questions.
Sometimes I wonder if bringing back stoning as the punishment for false prophecy wouldn’t provide some deterrence and keep people from wasting their time on junk like that. What’s he gonna say Friday morning?
In a similar vein, I wonder how the people who put up this poster felt on Oct. 29, 1992, when their prediction of our Lord’s return slipped away. In Korea, where the prediction originated (the article is halfway down the web page), the main group that spread it had the decency to disband.
Here in New England, the promoters sure bought a high-quality printing job for the posters: numerous examples of them are still stuck on light posts in New Hampshire, still colorful, clear, and readable.
Y’know, if I were expecting to be raised miraculously out of the world in a few weeks, I wouldn’t bother getting the high-gloss paper with the waterproof adhesive. In fact, you should make sure the posters are biodegradable; it would be downright inconsiderate to leave permanent posters behind to taunt the people “left behind”. They’d have enough trouble already.