This week I learned from a friend who works at the USCCB that there is a draft before the vocations committee that would explicitly allow homosexuals to enter a program for priestly formation. I was told one of the requirements is that they have lived a chaste life for three years prior to entering the seminary.
If one takes this to its logical conclusion it will permit and even institutionalize a gay subculture in our seminaries. Talks on chastity and celibacy would have to be talored for two kinds of candidates – straight and gay. Can you imagine the effect this would have on the straight men in priestly formation? On the culture of our seminaries? My impression is that seminaries in the US have been successful in rooting out the so-called “sewing circles” – if this draft becomes part of the new program for priestly formation the gay subculture wouldn’t be swept under the rug and not spoken of in polite company, it would be part of the institutions themselves.