I would like to give amateur Catholic Web sites — such as this one — a Christmas present. Or rather, an Ordinary Time present, because that’s when this project would be completed, without a doubt. I’d like to do a little “Saint of the Day” feature that could be inserted by anyone who wanted to include it on their Web page.
The HTML for the feature would be taken via client-side JavaScript, so the Web site’s owner would simply have to insert some Javascript on the site’s home page. Everything else would be taken care of by my server. I would think this might be a great little inclusion for many Catholic sites.
My question is 1) has anyone seen something like this out there? I’m not looking to re-invent the wheel; and 2) do you think other sites would like this? I don’t want to do this and find that I’m only doing it for my own amusement.
Oh, yeah — Merry Christmas!