As an opponent to capital punishment, I was going to comment on Saddam Hussein and the possibility of his execution. However, Kevin Miller — whose theological opinions I hold the deepest respect for — already beat me to the punch. I agree that Saddam is the exception foreseen by the Catechism of the Catholic Church. While I do not believe that capital punishment should be used as retributive justice, no matter what atrocity is committed, there is always the danger that he could continue to inspire and lead the insurrection if kept alive. This would place other human life and the new Iraqi society at great risk. Therefore, unless Saddam openly and sincerely owns up to his past, denounces it, repents from it and agrees to spend the rest of his life doing penance for it (in which case he should be locked away in a maximum security American prison) this is one of those exceptions to the Church’s prudential stand against capital punishment.