Mother’s Day is almost here and I have two suggestions.
First, go out to your local Mall and buy some Tommy Girl or Cashmere Mist fragrance*. Your mom will be delighted – I promise.
Second, Teresa gave the family an ultimatum: write your mom a thank you letter and we’ll give them to her on Sunday. Teresa said my dad wrote something beautiful.
Here’s mine.

Dear Mom –
I just want you to know that I learned how to be a gentleman from you. In this age, that may seem trite to some people, but you and I both know that it’s honorable and respectable to be a gentleman.
A gentleman is someone who says something kind and gracious when he can, and keeps his mouth shut otherwise (unless he’s around family, which means he can say just about anything)
A gentleman treats everyone with the dignity given to them by God.
A gentleman knows that holding a door open for a lady and letting them pass through first is the right thing to do regardless of how liberated said lady is.
A gentleman knows that kindness and affection are something that every family needs.
A gentleman is polite and respectful to all people, especially their elders. Because I was a gentleman in High School, lots of parents wanted me to date their daughters. Conversly, because the parents wanted me to date their daughers, their daughters did not want to date me. This worked out just fine of course.
A gentleman knows that it’s best to be reverent in Church, and reverance is key to growing in holiness.
Teresa would have only married a gentleman, and our marriage has brought me great joy.
I love you mom. Thanks for everything.
Your son, John

*re: Tommy Girl or Cashmere Mist – They smell great and Mom will be happy.