Interesting post over at Sursum Corda.

The Priest has an article by Father William Sheridan about how some Catholics tend to view celebrations of the sacraments—particularly matrimony—as a private event that they should shape to meet their personal preferences. Rather than merely condemning this trend, Sheridan wisely counsels pastors to seize the “teachable moment” of preparation for a sacrament to convey its fundamentally ecclesial nature. With regard to matrimony, he notes that “marital preparation is a good opportunity to challenge the effects of the wedding ‘industry’ and overly personal, consumerist approaches to the sacrament.”

Here’s my impression of 80% of Catholic wedding formation. Their thoughts in italics.
Priest: “How long have you known each other?”
Woman: “We met 2 years ago in May” don’t ask us if we live together…
Man: This is so boring
Priest: “Are you planning on having children?”
Man: oh, let’s not go there padre.
Woman: Well, we are thinking about having kids eventually. I mean, I’m finishing law school in the fall and need to pass the bar and will have to put in 10 years+ in order to become a partner. crap… I shouldn’t have said that partner part.
Priest: “What do you think about kids, Bobby?”
Man: busted!!! Think fast, Jackson! Well Father, I like kids. I mean, kids are great. So we’ll probably have kids eventually. cool. That should do it. yeah. That was smart.
Priest: “Well, we have some options for the liturgy. You can celebrate the sacrament of matrimony within the Mass, or by itself with the Liturgy of the Word. What are you thoughts on that?”
Woman: My mom wants to have the song “Born Free” when she comes in.
Man: crap.
and it goes on…