I was poking around on Mark Shea’s site and happened on this link regarding earth’s rotation (or lack thereof) by Robert Sungenis. He says the earth is sitting still – it doesn’t rotate. And the moon is made of cheese. And on a clear day you can see forever. This is complete crap. I’m not a rocket scientist but I have a friend who is. I’ll get him to write something up. In the meantime I will go out on a limb and tell you that GPS satellites don’t depend fully on geostationary orbits in order to work. I found this on the inTARnet:

How GPS Receivers Work

The other thing to note is the difference between rotation (earth spinning on it’s axis) and revolution (earth orbitting around the sun). I guess putting some nimrod opinion up on the net about how this isn’t happening does just about as good as having a vote on whether it is happening or not. When all is said and done it’s still happening.

I must say I own and love Dr. Sungenis’s books and that you should buy them, or at least read them.