This disturbing story from the Washington Times on the conduct of the Palestians and the Franciscans during the seige on the Church of the Nativity. Stockpiles of food were seized and voraciously consumed by the Palestinians. They boozed like sailors. Orthodox priests didn’t have anything good to say about their “guests” or their Franciscan brothers:

Angry Orthodox priests yesterday showed two reporters about 20 empty bottles of whiskey, champagne, vodka, cognac and French wine on a kitchen shelf and on the floor of two rooms.
“They should be ashamed of themselves. They acted like animals, like greedy monsters. Come, I will show you more,” said one priest, who declined to give his name.
He gestured toward empty bottles of Israeli-brewed Maccabi beer and hundreds of cigarette butts strewn on the floor.
The priest then took the reporters to see computers taken apart and a television set dismantled for use as a hiding place for weapons.
“You can see what repayment we got for ‘hosting’ these so-called guests,” said Archbishop Ironius, another cleric, as he showed reporters the main reception hall of the Greek Orthodox Monastery.
“All the media concentrated on the Franciscan [Catholic] quarter, where little damage was done,” the archbishop said. “Why? The Franciscans actually let the gunmen in, then guided the gunmen to our rooms.”

Is it true? If it is it appears my outrage wasn’t properly placed at only the Palestinians who occupied the church where Christ was born.