:: Captain Crunch no more!

I have a contract on my boat. As anyone in sales knows it ain’t done until the money is in the bank, so I am cautiously optimistic. John called me “Captain Crunch” for the one time I took the family out on the vessel and gently nudged the dock when we were coming back in. I am now considering buying a kayak to get more exercise and and to get in touch with the side of me that has never fallen into the Potomac River or its tributaries.

I will miss STEEMBOAT, a handsome SeaRay Sundancer, but I’m through frittering all my time away on the river with a light buzz from the beer or the gin or the scotch and bad breath from the cigars. It was good while it lasted but way too decadent and costly. If you meet someone with a power boat, here’s how you get invited back on it after your first trip. Offer to give the Captain some money for gas. If you want boat rides for life fork over some money for gas and give El Capitan a hand cleaning the wessel up.

If any of our growing number of regular readers are considering the purchase of a power boat or sail boat of any kind drop me a line. I will talk you out it unless you have about 10-15K of disposable income you don’t mind disposing of for each year that you own the craft. And if you do have that kind of cake laying around I suggest you make some donations.

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