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Before long, we'll all be getting spam in our mailboxes "from Mrs. Aristide" asking our help to get his embezzled/diverted/dope-funded loot to a safe country.

It used to puzzle me that so many naive Catholics around here, even devout people, thought that that demagogue-priest was some hero of social justice. Were they just trained Massachusetts Democrats, reflexively responding to an appeal to class envy?

I mean, when he started talking to the crowds about necklacing his enemies with burning tires, that should have been a clue he was not exactly a stickler for the observance of human rights.

Incidentally, speaking of the '419' scammers, a profile of them appeared online a few days ago; in Africa, there's even a comic pop song about them: "I Go Chop Your Dollar". (If I get the QT player working here, I'll get to hear it too.)

What? Who?

On life and living in communion with the Catholic Church.

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