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Matthew Stepanek, RIP

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I saw a retrospective of this young fella on the Today Show this morning. I've never read his poems so I can't comment on his message in detail, but he seemed like a wonderful kid who did his best to bring light to the world in the time he had.

Here's the WashPost article.

The Dallas Morning News series on molester priests transferred to other countries to protect them from the law started today. The photo with this particular story shows convicted molester Fr. Frank Klep handing out candy to kids after Mass in Samoa. The series will apparently be a big deal at the DMN: it gets its own Flash presentation.

The Scandal goes global

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Three Dallas Morning News reporters have found that much as some dioceses moved abuser-priests from town to town or across diocesan lines, some religious orders moved priests known to have molested children from country to country to spare them from public exposure and prosecution. Reporters found such priests still in active ministry with children. Any bishop who thinks the worst of these revelations are over is engaged in wishful thinking.

Ten people were murdered today in Iraq, including five Westerners. A bomb destroyed a convoy of trucks carrying men who were "helping to rebuild power plants."

Please, don't let this distract you from the Iraqi prisoner scandal, though those crimes ceased months ago and people are starting to go to jail for them already. Focus your minds on that evil, not the ongoing struggle against the vicious thugs who battle against the horrible Western imperialist plan to give Iraqis uninterrupted electrical service. Do I have to draw a chart for you?

People who murder electrical workers==People who try to get electricity to 25 million people
Insurgents who target civilians==Coalition soldiers who try to protect civilians
"Clerics" who urge the killing of Iraqi government workers and Coalition troops==Government workers who try to serve the Iraqi public

Once you realize that there are no good guys or bad guys in Iraq, you will understand how the Western media covers the news from that country. Feel free to refer to that chart whenever you get the uneasy feeling that maybe murderers are morally inferior to power workers.

What? Who?

On life and living in communion with the Catholic Church.

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