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Curmudgeon of the Year


I think Andy Rooney used to be the kind of guy who kicked dogs when no one was looking.

Now he doesn't care if people are watching - he just lets fly the loafer until it connects with Spot and sends the poor pooch across the room.
"It's raining!"
"I'm hungry!"
"Nader is running again!"
"That's for Pearl Harbor!" ...are all the things he says when he kicks the dog, blaming his bad mood on everything around him.

Now this from Rooney is not inspiring, entertaining or even perspicacious.

It's just nasty.

And it makes me wonder why CBS bothers to have him shake his boney finger at America on a weekly basis offering nothing but the ill-mannered mutterings of someone who is just mad at the world.

Missionaries attacked in Iraq


Eric, can you comment on this? It seems rather imprudent that these Baptist ministers were traveling unescorted in Iraq.
Update: More details.

Go to Sunday Mass, pay $10,000


What? Who?

On life and living in communion with the Catholic Church.

Richard Chonak

John Schultz

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