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Throw away the key

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Good news from the FBI - an 18-year-old suspected of writing a variant of the Blaster worm and releasing to the general public has been arrested. The only sad part is when he gets out of jail he'll probably make some big money as a reformed hacker/security consultant.

One stupid thing - he's known online as "teekid."
The program that allegedly disseminated the virus is called "teekid.exe"

I guess that's the online equivalent of leaving your phone number at a crime scene.

Deal Hudson is setting it up for our Lady's day (September 8).

Unfair and imbalanced?


Fametracker is a site devoted to demotic pop-culture analysis. The featured essays and comedy bits are often hysterically funny, if you pay attention to the entertainment industry even a little. Their forums often direct a stream of invective against the fraudulence of our cultural icons, and so they are a refreshing departure from the usual butt-kissing-party you see in People magazine. A recent forum topic tackled the subject of Fox News and right-wing bias. Most of the people posting to the forum agreed that it skewed the news and it was awful; I took the opportunity to discuss liberal bias and the mainstream news industry's freakish death wish.

[Another forum participant asked:] Exactly how the hell is network news "liberal biased?" My answer:

1. The selection of news stories. Here's one example: self-identified homosexuals make up about 3% of the population. Something like 30-40% of the American population go to a place of worship once a week; a similar proportion goes at least occasionally. Yet the number of stories about homosexuals is far higher than for religious topics.

2. The people who make the news. The journalists comprising the upper tier of the profession (at big-city newspapers, weekly newsmagazines, and television networks) are about as liberal as any identifiable segment of the population. (sources) Throughout the industry in general, journalists are twice as likely to call themselves Democrats as Republicans, though that percentage has decreased in the last decade (as it has in the population as a whole). A person's worldview affects what one considers important; it is naive to think that it wouldn't affect the selection of news....


CATONSVILLE, Md. When the Rev. Steven R. Randall learned that his denomination had consented to the first openly homosexual bishop in mainline Protestantism, he decided he could no longer trust the Episcopal Church and its leaders.
Comparing the denomination to a hijacked airliner, Mr. Randall said the Episcopal Church "will carry more people to hell than it will save. It is a flying coffin doomed to destruction and despair."
"People will say I am just bailing out, but I am following God's call as best I can. I don't have a golden parachute. I will lose my pension, insurance, paycheck and all my benefits."

An article from the Canada Family Action Coalition about a teacher who was canned for criticizing B.C. sex-ed courses.

The courses failed, he said, to show that homosexual relationships are demonstrably unstable, that homosexual activity poses a health risk, and that many religions consider homosexual conduct immoral. Kempling made no such comments in class.

It goes on to say:

Meanwhile, a Commons committee is considering a bill that would make the reading of biblical injunctions against homosexuality in a church a "hate crime" under the Criminal Code.

God help us all.

Ignoring the smell of brimstone and the tongues of flame scorching their khakis, Espiscopal church leaders passed a resolution giving dioceses the option of blessing same-sex unions. From the WaPo:

The church's House of Bishops approved the measure by an overwhelming voice vote after removing language that had called for developing a nationwide official liturgy for same-sex commitment ceremonies.
While gay rights advocates were giving each other high-fives, others criticized the vote that come on the heels Rev. V. Gene Robinson's confirmation as a bishop in New Hampshire.
"They passed a local option, and a local option translates into anything goes," said the Rev. David C. Anderson, president of the American Anglican Council, a group devoted to biblical orthodoxy. "Of course yesterday they voted to break 2,000 years of biblical faith and mores, and we're just beginning to grapple with the fallout from that." Some delegates to the church's General Convention here wore ashes on their foreheads and others walked out of today's legislative sessions... deputy read a vociferous protest, repeating a call made by 19 bishops Tuesday for intervention by the archbishop of Canterbury, the communion's spiritual leader, and the heads of its member churches.

"We believe this is a profound misstep contrary to the word of God and the traditions of the church Catholic," said the Rev. Kendall Harmon, a theologian from South Carolina. "But understand this clearly: We are not leaving the church. It is rather the church that has left the historic faith and has fractured the Anglican Communion, for whose restoration we pledge our faithful and loving efforts."

I pray for the conversion of those who have been duped into believing the "I'm ok" theology of our time. Maybe it's a lack of faith on my part, but I'm not hopeful that the order of the Episcopal church will be restored.

Church to Vote Today on Gay Bishop-Elect -

MINNEAPOLIS The investigation into misconduct allegations against a priest seeking to become the Episcopal Church's first openly gay bishop has concluded, and a vote on his confirmation will take place late in the afternoon, the head of the church said Tuesday.

If yes, what are you going to do about it?

The Catholic Test
Two hudred years after the Framers renounced them, Senate Democrats have reinvented the Test Act.
by Hugh Hewitt

Dave Kopel in The Corner today:

In Canada, "hate crime" cases have been brought against conservative religious spokespersons who have quoted what the Bible actually says about homosexuality. Criticism of gays has also been censored in Sweden. Gay marriage is an important public policy issue which should be broadly and vigorously debated, and every side in that debate should receive full protection of their freedom of speech. As I've argued elsewhere, "hate crime" laws amount to improper discrimination. Rather than expanding the American "hate crime" laws to include gays, all such laws should be repealed, and everyone should be guaranteed the equal protection of the law, without regard to sexual orientation, race, or religion. Never have Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, or the other leaders of the "religious right" supported criminalizing the mere advocacy of gay marriage. Yet in many Western nations, the freedom of speech for persons who do not support the gay agenda is being eliminated.

Gays hit back at Vatican

Episcopalians face divisive issue of gays at convention

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota (AP) -- No one said a thing during the Episcopal service when two men wearing earrings and full liturgical dress kissed each other on the mouth while other worshippers exchanged less personal greetings.

Gay Episcopal bishop candidate receives panel's OK

Hustler Publisher Flynt to Run For California Governor

Traficant committee announces a presidential exploratory committee

"Someone buy the Washington establishment a bottle of Maalox." -- Marcus Belk

What? Who?

On life and living in communion with the Catholic Church.

Richard Chonak

John Schultz

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