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by Thomas Sowell in the WashTimes today. What do you think of a "National Slave Memorial" on the Washington Mall? Supporters say it will promote "reconciliation" and "healing." Sowell says just the opposite. I think he's absolutely right. Now if we could just change the culture so that guilt and victimhood weren't so dead sexy to everyone we might make some progress on this. Here's a somewhat related story for on an asinine law in L.A.

Regarding the popular appeal of victimhood, two generations of kids have grown up in the this country being taught two plus two equals "wah!!!" On one hand you've got a general feeling of victimhood and entitlement among those who have had priveleged lives compared to those people who grew up a few score, much less a couple hundred, years ago. On the other you've got scads of victims who wouldn't even admit they are victims, i.e. consumers and performers of pornography. Consider the real victims of abortion - mother, father, and unborn child. There are substantial numbers of people in this country who place the victimhood of things like trees and manatees above that of aborted children.

Read this article in the WashTimes on the poop storm created by the DNC over the layoff of ten minority employees and you'll see their priorities are so utterly out of whack they can't even decide who to hate.

What? Who?

On life and living in communion with the Catholic Church.

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