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The Syro-Malankara diocese of Trivandrum is reporting a unusual Eucharistic manifestation in May 2001: markings appeared on a consecrated Host in the form of a face. The bishop writes:

...if we cannot find any human means active in the event, it would be reasonable and wise to believe that Our Lord has given us a special sacramental sign through a special intervention.

For us believers what we have seen is something, which we always believed. Our real attention should now be focused on the question why Our Lord gives us this unique and extraordinary sign. We must prayerfully reflect on the meaning of this sacred symbol. If Our Lord is speaking to us by giving us a sign, it certainly needs a response from us.

Abort the Retarded?!?


I read something on a Catholic message board the other that chilled my blood. The mother of one of a cognitively challenged brother in Christ had posted my piece "Special Love for Special Children" to the board, letting others know about the work of the Order of Alhambra does among God's special children. Nothing unusual about that.

Nevertheless, one of the homosexual activists (at least it appears that way) on the list replied: "If I had Down's Syndrome, I would hope that my parents would have the good sense to abort me because I could not lead a productive life." This made me sick. Not only can we not reduce God's creation to mere utility, but we Alhambrans know from our service to God's special children that there would be much less Christ-like love in the world if we aborted all our special brothers and sisters in Christ. Yet such is the way of the culture of death.

That being said, John Pacheco a good friend of mine (and future Godfather to the daughter Sonya and I are expecting in November) in Ottawa is trying to organize a Eucharist Procession on Parliament Hill in order to assert the Culture of Life against the continuous on-slaught from the culture of death. Of course, John is hoping our American brethren (including my fellow Catholic Light blogmates) will support us as well. He's got a number of local priests backing him, but still needs signatures to bring the Archbishop when he asks for permission. You can check out the petition here:


What? Who?

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