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A friend who attends Melkite parishes went to a parish's summer festival last week, and writes this (emphasis added):

Went to St. Ann's in Waterford [CT] this weekend with Archbishop Cyril, Bishop John and [pastor] Father Ed Kakaty. They had their festival, which was great. Interestingly enough, Father Ed made an announcement during [Divine Liturgy] that the church had received threatening calls from local Muslims complaining about the fact that there would be dancing. Evidently some families stayed away....we stayed for the first part of the festival.

It was our first visit to St. Ann's and the singing was marvellous! We may go back to experience a regular Sunday, especially since St. Ann's is slightly closer to us than Worcester.

I have to wonder who these callers think they are. They probably aren't calling up function halls, schools, or restaurants to complain about dancing, or they'd already be in jail, but they think they're entitled to harass a Catholic church. Is it time to call the cops?

Maybe Abdul is in the habit of expecting Arab Catholics to roll over when he doesn't like something they do, but lissen up, Bub, we Catholics are not your dhimmis here. If you don't like it, you can always go back to the old country.

What? Who?

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